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At Sinclair Painting Inc., we provide commercial and residential services for Exterior & Interior Painting, and Pressure Washing. Don’t let time or expense delay maintenance on your home. Our goal is to provide you with the most cost-effective repair and maintenance with a quality solution that will provide lasting satisfaction for years to come.

Sinclair Painting Inc. services San Francisco, Alameda County and the Peninsula (San Mateo County).

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Sinclair Painting Inc. will work with you, to accommodate household schedules, business schedules, pets or any other household related issues. We at Sinclair Painting Inc. know the importance of your home and its furnishing, and the worries of homeowners during renovations. Our painting team will move furniture and cover all of your belongings and exposed surfaces to protect your valuable property. Because of the number of painters on each crew, prep work and painting are completed fast and efficiently, keeping disruption to a minimum. We at Sinclair Painting Inc. are experienced and professional and do everything possible to maintain their reputation as the top San Francisco Bay Area house painting company.

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Customer Service Representative

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